Everse W & Rowan at the CSI5* in St. Moritz in 2017

Rowan 🇦🇺

Born in Nambour, Queensland, Australia, Rowan’s equestrian interest evolved at young age, it all began when his father treated his mother to a horse for her birthday. Rowan learnt to ride at Warialda Pony Club and, by the time he turned 12, he was taking his showjumping very seriously. He produced, competed and dealt a number of horses and trained with former Australian Champion Gail Hunter (née Powell).

After graduating from school, Rowan rode on the winning Australian team at an international jumping event in Hong Kong. From there he went on to Canada where he spent some time as an apprentice with show jumper Jay Hays.

In 1999 Rowan decided to move to the UK to take his passion to a professional level. Rowan started riding for the show jumping couple Sue and Fred Welch, whose previous riders include Peter Charles, Nick Skelton, James Fisher, and Tina Fletcher. There he had the opportunity to thrive and succeed beyond young rider competitions and campaigned successfully in England and on the continent. One of his most significant successes then was to win the young rider final at Olympia, London in 2001. 

Since 2005 he has managed his own equestrian operations. Currently, his team is based in the Newbury area where he trains, produces and sells high quality showjumping horses. He has spent the last two years touring Europe and Africa representing Australia at numerous international shows. Rowan hopes to soon conquer the American competition circuit.

  The Flying Fox III and Aline at the CSI- Am in St. Moritz in 2017

The Flying Fox III and Aline at the CSI- Am in St. Moritz in 2017

Aline 🇦🇹

Aline was born into a show jumping family in Austria where she grew up and rode throughout her childhood and teenage years. One of her biggest successes was to come third in the Austrian Junior Championships in 2009. The summers of her last two years in high school were spent as an apprentice with Sören von Roenne, World Champion team Gold medallist and individual bronze medallist.

Soon after Aline graduated from high school in 2010 her equestrian ambitions were put on hold while she studied business at the European Business School in London, Paris and Buenos Aires. Her studies were followed by a short period of employment in the real estate industry in London. Aline’s love for equestrianism started to get the better of her and in 2015, after a 5 year riding break, Aline joined the team. She has since been combining her business education with her passion for horses and the sport of showjumping. Alongside riding many of the horses, she now manages the team and various aspects of the business. In addition, Aline models as a hobby.

  Everse W, Robert and Blue Movie at the CSI5* in St. Moritz in 2017

Everse W, Robert and Blue Movie at the CSI5* in St. Moritz in 2017

Robert 🇵🇱

Robert grew up on a farm in Poland and after finishing school went on to study forestry. He has always worked very closely with nature, a variety of animals, and especially horses. The pleasure of handling horses and his talent in this area soon determined his life path and he decided to focus his work exclusively on the equestrian industry.

Before joining Rowan’s team in 2009, Robert had been working with Jane Gregory (née Bredin) a former British Olympic Dressage rider; prior to that he worked at various professional yards in Poland, Germany and Holland.

Since 2009 Robert has been responsible for the care and well-being of our horses. He has travelled extensively with the team across the UK, Europe and North Africa and is incredibly dedicated to the health and well being of all the horses in the stable. Robert’s horsemanship, level of experience, dedication and attention to detail keeps our team of horses happy and settled. He ensures that they are professionally presented for the competition arena at every outing.